For All the Things I Could Not Tell (The Really Friend)

(written on April 16, 2015 ~ reposted November 6, 2021) I was left mic-dropped and epiphany-struck the other day from the subtle and sophisticated words of wisdom spoken from my 4-year old son.  A “how was your day?” was all it took for his sweet and simple notion of the world to take flight and shootContinue reading “For All the Things I Could Not Tell (The Really Friend)”

Confident Anticipation (Shit, I Just Became a Runner)

He walks with confident anticipation; he, after all, is a fifth-grader with five solid elementary years of environmental, social and intellectual experiences that occur within the hallways, classrooms, sidewalks and playgrounds of his space. However… There are things that are new and unfamiliar ~ uncleared territories so-to-speak: a teacher, classmates, a whiteboard on the eastContinue reading “Confident Anticipation (Shit, I Just Became a Runner)”

A Really Good Practice

With March Madness still in play, I’ve got b-ball on the mind. And with b-ball on the mind, I’ve got a memory forming to stay. Moments of really good basketball practices flooded me today; practices where everything clicked. Warm-ups were focused, plays ran with rhythm and shots landed so-on-point they barely shook the net. ShoesContinue reading “A Really Good Practice”

Life’s Truce (emotional inquiry x 2)

Can you miss something you never had? After doubtful and thorough contemplation, I answer yes. This is not an answer about being complacent, and it’s not about giving up, remaining idle or apathy. I have come close enough to enough things that I can almost tastefully imagine what they might be like. And, sometimes, IContinue reading “Life’s Truce (emotional inquiry x 2)”