A Really Good Practice

With March Madness still in play, I’ve got b-ball on the mind. And with b-ball on the mind, I’ve got a memory forming to stay.

Moments of really good basketball practices flooded me today; practices where everything clicked. Warm-ups were focused, plays ran with rhythm and shots landed so-on-point they barely shook the net. Shoes squeaked with passion and preparedness during the last scrimmage of the night and insane strength showed up in final sprints. It was hard, but it was fun. It was challenging, yet inspiring. Practices like these made our team believe we might have something special in us when game time turned true.

This needn’t be a story of basketball only. It could be any sport, performance or event requiring rehearsal. Heck, throw life on that list.

Over the past 31 days, I have experienced a few really good practices. While words didn’t necessarily come out like game-time performances, a cadence to writing line after line and allowing one idea to flow into another showed up and stepped up. There were moments when all the motions felt natural and intuitive and it felt like being 17-years old again, hopping in my Geo Prism post-practice and knowing that I had shown improvement, dedication, sweat and heart — believing that more might be possible.

So what do I do next?

As I gain back moments set aside for writing each evening, I intend to hold that space for further exploration and practice. However, I plan to hit a steady pause on production and get back to reading, watching and listening to content other than my own; I need to circle up in dialogue and feedback from other creators because the biggest thing I noted about my work is that, while it is good-effort-decent, it is historically stuck in my well-developed habits, perspectives and routines.

I need to do what I did when I took on basketball. I read playbooks, watched better players, listened to games on the radio and lifted every ounce of feedback from my coaches and co-players that I could possibly take: that was when my practice held meaning and when I sincerely, and really, got better.

The final play-by-play take-away is this:

31 days went by pretty quick, even when it was tough. It went by as quickly as it did when I was 17. So there is likely no time to waste before the next game.

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  1. I love the connection to the “sport’s season” of this challenge. It has so many parallels and I enjoy your hyphenated hound-dog: good-effort-decent to describe your “practice.” It makes me wonder what game we are psyching up to play. For now, welcome, to the off-season! You did it!


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