Yet Another Revision

I am participating in the 2021 Slice of Life Challenge hosted by Two Writing Teachers and have been challenged to write and post 31 days in a row. With 28 days of rawly produced content written and posted, there is an opportunity to glance at myself as a writer in a manner I have never done before.

My favorite lines from each of the first 28 days are listed below. When I have the chance to observe them collectively, I learn several things about my writing self. For starters, I have zero capacity for sentence complexity, I make up words when I don’t have real ones and I seem to adore convention-breaking or convention non-caring. These are not necessarily good or bad things – they are simply the style I am adhering to and continuing to develop. However, seeing 28 lines in a row, and watching the limitations I have potentially put upon myself and my pen, has me wondering what I might be capable of next. I wonder when I will break the fourth wall of my thoughts and ideas.

Day 1: I am a repeat offender of the redo A redo is a unique kind of encore

Day 2: mindbeats held steady

Day 3: You did lonely and pain so gracefully, you forgot who needed you.

Day 4: FYI…I made up the word punctuationary this morning to make writing more fun. 

Day 5: Find the un-suck.

Day 6: The flight of vodkas matched the story-swapping and tipsy-turns of the dance floor.

Day 7: Things I have thrown: my hands into the air, a party, a softball, an aerobee (quite terrbily), an idea, a smile, a fit, 3 cell phones and a Haberman bottle.

Day 8: As fate would have it, 10 years later, I still respond with a hard no.

Day 9: He owned “the quotes“, I held the (thought bubbles).

Day 10: I am terrified that I won’t have learned anything, other than how to post more photos of myself.

Day 11: she is metta, lifted at the high of her heart, and spitting out the shit of the world.

Day 12: If 18 is high score, I think we could all be record breakers.

Day 13: Never miss the moon.

Day 14: in a tear drop necklace and cherry-tinted earrings,

Day 15: Boomerang giggles are my way of describing undying re-laughter. 

Day 16: During that week in November 2018, the sky was continually tense.

Day 17: Surrounded by 12 other hotties this morning, I melted into the reflection of my darted eyes and sweaty-necked body.

Day 18: It wouldn’t matter if we had been key-throwing or dropdown red-wine-wise,

Day 19: He was, quite literally, born silent.

Day 20: Overthinking is a chess move, and it works well in games-of-the-like — checkers, cribbage and dice. 

Day 21: Next, divide by 4. 

Day 22: so far, what’s good?.

Day 23: Pair that with an indie film-rock album duo and you’ve got every semi-strange, hopeless romantic in the room completely melted by love and great writing.

Day 24: This is an inquiry on emotion.

Day 25: Life’s Truce (emotional inquiry x 2)

Day 26: Whether he does laundry or not is like whether it is Friday or Monday.

Day 27: She was the smartest, darndest, holy-helledness thing that a 22-year old girl with two older brothers could ever have hoped for, and she was teaching me how to demand what I deserve.

Day 28: #7: Sunday, Joy Oladokun – double duh, this one is Sunday

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  1. I’ve arrived late to this writing party but am looking forward to catching up! Sincere congrats on the challenge and the path you’ve chosen to stick with this month. This post feels like a teaser of each day. The mere mention of a Haberman on Day 7 brings a physical reaction like few words can. I have a furious gratitude to whomever Haberman was to bring such a device to the world. That season of life was so heavy, I think the fury has passed and mostly gratitude remains. #HabermanKindred


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