Life’s Truce (emotional inquiry x 2)

Can you miss something you never had?

After doubtful and thorough contemplation, I answer yes.

This is not an answer about being complacent, and it’s not about giving up, remaining idle or apathy.

I have come close enough to enough things that I can almost tastefully imagine what they might be like. And, sometimes, I miss them.

After a hard inquiry on this emotion, I name this feeling as acceptance.

This feeling is lit by small sighs and wonders, but ultimately, it is life’s truce.

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  1. What a journey of thought and emotion in these short lines. Paired with yesterday’s post, you have me thinking about the word “acceptance.” I love the synonym of “life’s truce,” and still feel a sense of grief for the longing, the missing. Thanks for making me think on this one and providing space across the two days to process with you.


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