So Far, What’s Good? (today’s phrase)

How long can so far, so good, in its idiomatic form, really hold on?

Life, relationships, work and other things that we are luckily-passionate about are destined to deliver challenge, setback and heartbreak, and likely on a frequent basis. Does a desire to experience a constant steadiness or uptick of ease, joy or success within any given situation, project, relationship or day actually spin us towards a revolving door of disappointment? Is the conscious moment when we no longer say so far, so good actually the unconscious moment when we give up a little (or a lot)?

I wondered about this today and decided to move from the peculiarity of an idiom to standard fact. I rerouted to a new phrase for the day: so far, what’s good?. I had lots to share.

Instead of complacently demanding perfection from a day, a person, a situation or anything-of-the-like, intentionally finding the good could be the turning point. It might move us from fingers-crossed to open-arms.


  1. I love how the simple shift of a word changes the entire meaning of this phrase. I need to try it with my teenage son, a young man of few words. I’m always trying to think of questions that are not yes/no answers, because that is all I will get. This will be my new go to….Hey Luke, so far, what’s good? I can even see using it in the hallway as I pass by students. Hi there, so far, what’s good? Thanks for this insight!


  2. I love the last line with its lingering lesson. Yes, we should all aspire to be more open-armed than fingers-crossed. And this reminds me of a blog post from a few years ago (I’ll have to think about from whom) who asked not “What’s the worst that could happen?” but instead “What’s the best…?” Yours is a great reminder to see the world from a different angle.


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