Music Madness

It was always our intent to make music part of his life. Instruments flooded the house for our own impromptu jams and sing-along laughter. Speakers on (cranked) and record-player spinning, sound had always been a source healing and love in this home.

And then he came out, barely able to produce sound: mouth tied up and throat constricted (micrognathia & cleft palate to face).

He was, quite literally, born silent.

But we saw how he perked up when our voices entered the room and how the sides of his tiny smile rose with with well-timed dance moves.

Never stop talking, never stop singing, never stop playing music, even if he doesn’t reciprocate right away.

And so, the stereo turned up and the records spun harder,

He was 2 1/2 years old in the following video and it’s worth the watch to see how a human being connects to artistic pattern and, therefore, resounds within their own emotion (even as he is just months outside of a cleft palate surgery and just learning how to string vocabulary and love together).

Early on (21 & 27 seconds), you will see how he is matches beats and lyrics. At 54 seconds, you see how he has learned where quiet can fit within himself and the world. When he rests into the meaning of the song (at about 1:20), I melt into the intersection of art and the earth.

3 years later, a whole-hunk of five years old and beyond many of his challenges, he rocked his rock show.

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  1. This makes me smile so wide.. music is a beautiful thread to tell his story and yours. His story is a beautiful thread to tell about the power of music!


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