Sky Stalking

There are so many stories to hear as we roll our eyes to the sky.

I wrote a post in 2018 titled, Sky Won’t Snow & Sun Won’t Shine. It was a piece about feeling stuck and indiscernible. During that week in November 2018, the sky was continually tense. From day to day, I couldn’t distinguish grey from gray. It would not snow and it would not shine, and I couldn’t stop gazing. It was as if the sky didn’t know what to do and was wondering if it ever would. At the time, the sky’s cemented feelings seemed parallel to the experiences of the world around me, and so the post got written.

This week, my proximal sky is telling a very different story. The sky is letting it all out. In a mere 72 hours, it has glitzed rays, spit sleet, mic-dropped snow and downpoured rain. Soon, it will even reset the moon. It is stunning to see the sky letting it all go, and I can’t stop staring. It’s as if the sky has both middle fingers up, realizing it holds no pressure to make anyone’s weather perfect. The sky is completely open this week and it seems parallel to the experiences of the world around me. And so, this post got written.


  1. I love the way your two paragraphs run both parallel and perpendicular to each other. The line about the grey and gray was especially a favorite, as I am looking out on those kind of skies today, and then to see the word “cemented” simply made it feel socked in the greys.


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