Boomerang Giggles

It’s the specific kind of laughter that comes when a well-timed meme shows up in my text thread; the kind of hilarity that revisits me anytime a string of consonants and vowels double over to perfectly match an image. It gives me the boomerang giggles.

Boomerang giggles are my way of describing undying re-laughter. They likely, in tandem, describe my immaturity. But, I love them and I got them, memelessly, from 2am on this morning

Between being inadvertently attacked by my cat while standing on top of the dining room table at 2am this morning to standing in a store that, no matter what day or what time, is always rocking a playlist seemingly committed to 90’s boybands, then throws a loop with Hotel California and Lionel Richie, I.can’t.stop.laughing.

Here is a continued kicker….

I have been participating in this Slice of Life Challenge(#SOL21) since March 1. I have not missed a day and today will count 15. However, accidentally, not once have I posted to the site actually hosting the competition: important, overlooked detail and the biggest boomerang of the day!

So count this as either post 15 or post 1 and enjoy some laughter. Maybe I will get a few more followers and maybe they will stick around for the full cat story.


  1. I love the line about the string of consonants and vowels, how that makes the perfect line seem all the more mystical and seemingly impossible and how your post exposes a continuum of things that bring on the giggles. And Yes, I can’t wait for the full cat story.


  2. I love the terms “boomerang giggles” and “memelessly.” Congratulations on 15 days of writing even if they weren’t posted to the site. It still counts.


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