Record Breaking Happiness (18 min)

I almost won a plank challenge: held it for 4 minutes and 20 seconds. Respectable, but maybe other records are meant to be busted.

I don’t believe in storybook happily-ever-afters. I prefer to experience happiness in the same manner that I experience other emotions: as temporary and fleeting, rather than static or optimal destinations.

However, I know Tolstoy enjoyed the term and a happily every after firework show occurs at Magic Kingdom each night. The optimism of the latter, apparently, lasts 18 consecutive minutes.

I have no durational or dreamlike expectations on happiness, only intention to practice it every day. I suppose it is reasonable, at a minimum, to hold 18 minutes of joy in a day.

Today’s core breakdown, minute by moment:

a recently placed doorstop (30 seconds of grateful), sun-stacked shadows (3 minutes of beauty), items checked off (1 minute of euphoria), a memory boomerang (12 seconds of smiles), flip-flops on my feet (undefined minutes of comfort)….and I am over the threshold.

If 18 is high score, I think we could all be record breakers.

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