As Fate Would Have It

Hope is an interesting thing, I think—I would be curious to hear how others see it.

I wrote about hope on July 9, 2011 and it found me again today. It must be fate.

The intersection between 2011 and today could be described as a LOVE between hope and fate. Perhaps they have always been a pair.

Because the second I lose hope, I hear a song on the radio with just the right words.

And the moment I argue belief, I have a conversation with a stranger that refills my heart.

Points of frustration (running late, with a long list of demands waiting) are met with minute-saving green lights,

and disappointment disappears with a memory-pop on my phone.

In 2011, this was my re-ask: ”Is it possible to hold your hope down?

As fate would have it, 10 years later, I still respond with a hard no.


  1. I love the idea of fate and hope walking hand-in-hand. Thanks for bringing us back to the “miracles…whether tiny or towering.” that hope brings.I love all the ways you describe fate bringing you back to the “no” at the bottom of the page.


  2. From despair springs hope, sometimes as a ting sprout and sometimes already in full flowering bloom. Thank-you for your words and images, for these too bring hope.


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