Parties (& other things I throw)

Things I have thrown: my hands into the air, a party, a softball, an aerobee (quite terrbily), an idea, a smile, a fit, 3 cell phones and a Haberman bottle.

The Haberman left my right hand and exploded against the other end of the room; the milk constellation complemented the orange wall quite nicely.

One cell phone cracked a mirror, the other flew over the fence and into the neighbor’s yard. Most recently, it was a wall that caught the suffering. The dent was impressive enough that I noted it as tribute to my intense workouts and strength training.

To throw one more thought your way….

…during yoga this morning, the instructor offered a mantra: throw hard and don’t be afraid to miss the mark. The words were wrapped up in the idea that we too often hold back in fear of failure and judgment and that comparison, criticism and blame silences our ability and stifles our talent. Instead, when it comes to being our full and capable selves, we should “throw harder”. To do so requires us to accept the fear, the failure and the judgment, knowing that with every throw we will gain greater strength, precision and form.

There are elements of my life where my pitch is on fire; I push with complete confidence. On the flip side, there are elements where I am too soft; I hold back with suffocating self-doubt. I already throw a dang good party and smile hard, too. However, if I am honest, I am throwing a lob or two in some other categories of my life.

I am going to wind up a little differently this week. Instead of throwing my hands up in the air, I plan to throw out any restraints on what I can do, create or contribute; hopefully, without breaking my phone screen again.

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  1. I love the idea of throwing harder. I am already thinking through tomorrow’s lessons and wondering how it might apply. Thanks for sharing.


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