He flew halfway across the country just to see her, and left (shoeless) 36 hours later.

The flight from Denver to DC was quick and wonderful and easy. She told him exactly how to hop the Metro from the airport to Adam’s Morgan once he arrived. She was waiting for him: heeled, one drink in and calling the cab.

to the 9:30 club, she said.

The flight of vodkas matched the story-swapping and tipsy-turns of the dance floor. They had been in love since the first weekend of college and not much was different now. Hands on hips and stomachs, tongues in kisses. Life always lingered in question between their chests.

When she left him at the bar in Dupont Circle (later that night and per her stubborn ways), it never occurred to her that the choice of her shoes, at a subsequent 9:30am, would matter so much.

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