Reciprocal Inhibition

Strength and weakness are a solid couple; their hookup is beautifully exponential.

Strength cannot exist without weakness. Its essence emerges from the press of imperfection and flaws, shortcomings serving as the catalyst for growth and expansion.

Weakness cannot survive without strength. Its character shines within the extension of gratitude, understanding serving as the olive branch for the kindness it deserves.

When strength is selfless and relaxes out of the spotlight, weakness gains confidence. When weakness is noble and softens to a smile, strength discovers purpose. Ah, true love.

A hyper-focus on strengths, with an ill-awareness to the beauty of our weaknesses, leaves us half-whole. When we recognize that both sides of our life-joints can constrict and loosen in support of one another, we find a bravery to know ourselves completely.

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