Mirable Dictu

A lyrical madress is more peculiar than a music lover; they can love in parts, free from a demand to cherish a song, a paragraph, or genre in its entirety in order to simply love a line, a word or a syllable hint.

They lift edges and grooves within every narrative that crosses their senses and allow each note to linger alongside both their joy and misery. Every curve is an expansion of their self-meaning and worldview. Examples A-D can be found below.

“She’s a jar with a heavy lid.” -Wilco, She’s a Jar

This is the phrase I draw on to describe moments in which I sense resistance from someone or from myself. It helps me note when someone is holding back emotion or the times when I hold back my truth. As in, “whew, he is a heavy lid today” or “nobody is getting me open today – there is too much, or perhaps too little, inside right now”. Holding back & resisting vulnerability is a common human response and, when I name it with this seven word phrase, I better understand why it is so difficult to overcome. We don’t resist vulnerability because we are awful, closed off people. We simply aren’t always ready to experience the emotions that come with the twist and opening of our souls.

“Riding my bike like I am too young to drive.” – Bazzi, Young & Alive

This is the mindset I use to reawaken myself. I, like anyone else, can get stuck in wanting to get somewhere faster, achieve something quicker or have something immediately. These are the moments when I want things to be easy and efficient. I roll this 10-word imagery through my fingertips to find pause. I put myself back on my first 10-speed and remind myself of how much fun it is to weave in and out of a path and go no-handed. I immediately become more playful, more exploratory, less afraid and less tense. I grow younger. Someone once told me to turn down the urge to always go fast, for nothing good will ever be able to catch up to me. Brilliant.

“I’m a sucker for some harmony.” -Wilderado, Surefire

This is one of my favorite life themes. This is the line that makes me giggle every time I give in, give up, reconsider or let go for the purpose of peace and goodwill. As in, “Here I go again. I am such a sucker for harmony”. A utopian rapport with all my surroundings is both my greatest strength and my greatest weakness. These six words give me a moment to reflect on whether I am happy that I gave in, gave up, reconsidered or let go or if I just might push a little harder next time.

“I’m searching for planes in the sea…” -The 1975, Jesus Christ 2005 God Bless America

This is one of the saddest lines I carry with me, but it is oh-so-necessary. This is my self-awareness articulation. We tend to deafen our senses as it relates to our lives, I think —- yet another common human response. Sometimes it is just too dang tricky to recognize the irony of our lives; it takes some effort to recognize the interconnectedness of the world. This seven word phrase, with a novel ellipsis add-on, helps me observe the dichotomy of my decisions and directions; on the flip side, it helps me discover the unity of my heart and mind. Establishing an ironic sense of being unleashes a spirit of humor and empathy. While this may be the saddest line I carry with me, it is the one that has released my ability to find laughter and joy in any given situation. Life is a trip and I am glad I am on it.

When we pay attention to “the parts” of our lives just as much as we would “the whole”, we become less distracted by our own joy or misery and grow appreciative of the journey itself. Most songs, sounds and images are designed to click our heads towards favoritism. We have to want more out of the things we listen to, look at, feel or taste. We can’t take everything in full definition; we must excavate the pieces that grow and evolve our spirit.

I am not suggesting you need to love the lines I have discovered, but I am absolutely suggesting that you find your own.

I never want my lyrical madress style to become accustomed to the norm. After all, I am 43 years old and nothing is going to fit me perfectly anymore. I get to try it all on. This is freedom.

And as such, is life, mirabile dictu.

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  1. Love this part-is-greater-than-whole expression. Yes! The lyrics and lines of life carry so much more meaning sometimes than the song in it’s entirety. I shared this quote in Crew this morning: The strength of the team is the individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” -Phil Jackson
    Now imagine we replace the word member with lyric and the word team with song.


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