Please remove all flowers within 14 days. 

These words welcomed me off a beaten path and into a small cemetery, hidden-hillside.  A simple sign tacked loosely into the bark of pine — its message hung so sadly within me.  A request to deport love I assumed – to remove, to rid, to dismiss.  All the flowers brought to then be gone.  It felt heavy like the day I was in, grey and fog-hinted.

I braved the welcome, however, and continued on, in honor of the dates and names I found rising under painfully-paced footfalls.  With each seemingly tragic and deathly step, hints of rain turned the edges of my mouth up; the dance of sunshine and clouds reminding me that the day was stunning and beautiful in its own right.  

Within almost half-a-breath’s notice, that same hidden-hillside message, off a beaten path and tacked loosely into the bark of pine, rose joyfully within me.  A request to allow love I assumed – to care for, to tend to, to nurture.  All the flowers gone to then be brought.  It felt ideal like the day I was in, grey and fog-hinted.

I am learning the word, love, five-decades-in.  It is relentless in interpretation and owns textures that most are unable to recognize, grasp or tolerate — I think.  I hope we are all eager for deeper understanding now.

Love is our super-duper human-power, and it has our loving list growing & growing….

  1.  We can experience pain & sadness & worry without losing ourselves.
  2.  We can let go.
  3.  We can push beyond the status quo.
  4.  We can grow beyond our flaws.
  5.  We can learn how to laugh fuller and with more joy.
  6.  We can hold on to trust, gratitude and patience.
  7.  We can know that what comes, goes.  And what goes, comes back around even better.
  8.  We can put eyes on the world in new & wonderful ways.
  9.  We can wake up early or stay up late for the conversation we need to have.
  10.  We can flip-over and fill-in-blanks.

We are as full and valuable as we always were.  Let’s rally our superpower.