A ferris wheel

While preaching ‘know thyself’ seems like the right thing to do, our identity might actually be craving some subjectivity.   The objective rules of the world should, at times, be met with a courage for sentience.  It might be the only chance we have to uncover our incandescent being.

Pennies cannot beg good luck, and well-kissed quarters won’t always transport wishes.   It is a harsh and beautiful truth;  rules, hopes and prayers don’t always enjoy the rollercoaster of life.  

No matter how well we believe we know ourselves and the circle of life, we are in constant motion and within change.  We are in between what we want and what is; we are intersected between what we need and what we can do.  We tilt, we whirl.

Our identity is infinite.  This just-almost-and-barely circle of our distinctive faith remains open to challenge & threat & objection.  Yet…we are perfectly balanced in agility & brightness and harmony to ride the ride.  We are luckily-destined to become separate and disembodied for the purpose of further knowing and greater healing.

We can discover ourselves in mystical retrograde, just as a ferris wheel changes directions. Moments of backward and opposite gesture are nothing more than an observation wheel into who and where we are at within this exact breath.


















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  1. This is an amusement park of a provocation to live the way we are designed “perfectly balanced in agility & brightness and harmony to ride the ride.” I love the play across the different rides and the idea that LIFE is “within change.” Day 1, well done my Friend.


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