There was nothing streamlined or steady about the world today.  It woke up big and bold and unapologetic of its beauty and depth; eastern reds & yellows extending pinks & purples to the west.  Trees dancing to a light-no light melody; notes heavy against their glimmer.

today was a day to be reckoned by the soul; a sky not to be trusted.

daybreak, midday & dawn teed up in conversation…

the world is so available today

double-down on love early

twice-cry at 8am

be broken-hearted by 10 and find disappointment at noon

get downpoured at 3; early-evening laugh 1,000 times

regret lean & little,

invert hate with compassion

The world has insight…

let the sunrise fill you up and release your breathe like the sunset; don’t keep track of strangers, enemies or best friends (nor acquaintances or people you have loved)

Just be. And be better.  And then see what the sky says.   

*journal thoughts from 7.31.19