Serendipity Re-Mix

SERENDIPITY: *a resignation to an unpredicted & spectacular life, a dichotomy of intentional happenstance (otherwise known as ‘breathe-takes’)


It shows up in a friend’s swagger, rooftops, parking lots and chords.

Honoring one of my favorite life concepts means that sometimes…

I commit to committing to nothing,
and resolve power through silence.

I reconcile the unsaid,
and forgive in anger.

I lift out-of-strength, 
and unrest to wake up.  


The thing about serendipity is that you first have to release its potential through your authenticity, compassion and grace.  That is the only thing that can bridge it towards its second truth (of which)…
can only be discovered when you are brave enough to step into your journey, unprotected.

Serendipity rarely vacations in the bookends of joy and challenge.  It searches for you in the space between, offering you a re- of light and reminding you that there is always a next beginning.  In these moments…

sunlight will finally catch your syllables,
and the fractions of your being will turn over from crazy to brilliant  


  1. Wow! This is powerful. “Serendipity rarely vacations at the bookends of joy and challenge.” – This line perfectly sums up “serendipity”. Thank you for sharing!


  2. I’m so glad you’ve returned after a few days away! Welcome back to the challenge! I love this post, the way it weaves different strands together, music, words, visual. Just lovely!


  3. Welcome back! A favorite line, among many: “step into your journey, unprotected.” It reminds me of a recent read about vulnerability and trust. I will return to this one, it both fills the space and leaves it open.


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