Lucky #7

Something has been missing for quite some time.

Our life gets completely off the rails, upside down and inside out.

Most days, we are nothing short of a hot mess with absolutely no time to repair all that has been lost.  If the dog isn’t peeing all over the house, then we have certainly left our son at the bus stop or forgotten that we still have no food in the house.

Luckily, we have years logged up & steady on the track.  We avoid to-do-better lists and late-night nexts.  We know those things will never cut it for a love like ours.

Cadence is our search…

We listen for a kick-drum and silence the rest.  Rhythm brings us home.


  1. My favorite line, “We listen for a kick-drum and attempt to silence the rest.” Makes me wonder what is setting the beat to my life. What is it I should be, could be, listening for through all the noise. May lucky number seven bring you home!


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