The Other Side

Fiction is NOT my jam, but what the heck.

Prologue  –  Providence

“Espresso for Joe.”

This is when the floods came.

Whenever Reem found herself swirled in coffee order shout-outs, she shivered memories of americanos and espressos by the thousands.  She found herself tilting her head, partly to drop out details of the past, and partly to mourn the loss of her sleek mid-twenties body and porcelain skin that could attract attention without even trying.

Decades beyond her, he was in the sweet spot of aging when they met.  With salt and peppered hair cut tight around the ears and a frame chiseled with zero percent body fat, his 6 foot vertical confidently accepted head turns of all kinds.  A novel personality and impeccable charm was the cherry on top.  Reem had heard stories of sleeping in savannahs and west coast meanderings.  She had read his poetry.  The stories of Africa had intrigued her from the get-go.  Technically, she too, had traveled there.  Her parents had spent two months in the Serengeti awaiting her arrival and her name would reflect their adventures.

Mid-sip, she recalled his competitive genius.  Playing the role of renaissance man was always the win.   It came easy for him, after all — schizophrenic tendencies had gifted him the ability to play a fake compassionate.  Reem would later discover it also gifted him a self-proclaimed pass to do the unimaginable.

Regardless, she took notice and it would be many long-hauled years before she would learn to track the confusion.

Four letters and a continent would be the pulled thread. 

Cue the fire, the flood and Chapter 1…



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