Wonder Woman’s Photo Diary

There is nothing I can’t do because of him.  He was the one who hugged me last night when I couldn’t take anymore and the one who high-fived me this morning to get me on my way.

Many days I wonder who is the parent and who is the child.  That, in itself, is heroic.

He was the one who smashed everyone’s doubt & worry & confusion and why I believe (hell, know) I can be Wonder Woman.  Complete with a lasso, bracelet & tiara.

I will always find my badass list for him and for all the people I love.

And for me.



  1. Here’s to following his lead, smashing our own doubt, worry and confusion. You ARE badass! Such a beautiful tribute to him, to your life. To you.


  2. Kicking butt and taking names! How beautiful. I love the lessons the people we cherish teach us, and how we choose to “be” because of those lessons.


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