Footnotes & Postscript

Belief hides in maybe, and hope is its exact western neighbor.

The stop in maybe is one that should not be overlooked, I think — it’s the place to go when your eyes are too weak to stay on the road or you need an emergency stop.  It lies in the distance of any major attraction so you will have to choose to slow down, turn the wheel and instinct your way there.  With not much to do or see on main street, you will be honored with the space of your own thoughts…

Maybe this year will suck.  Maybe it will be stunning.

Maybe you will get lost.  Maybe you’ll find your way.

Maybe you’ll win. Maybe you’ll lose.

Maybe you’ll move.  Maybe you’ll stay.

Maybe you will heal.  Maybe you will suffer.

Maybe you’ll cry.  Maybe you’ll laugh.

Maybe you will wake up.  Maybe you’ll sleep.

Maybe you will be there.  Maybe you will be here.

Maybe you will.  Maybe you won’t.

Maybe you will change your mind.  Maybe you’ll stand your ground.

Maybe you’ll shake.  Maybe you’ll be steady.

Maybe you’ll get healthy.  Maybe you will get sick.

Maybe you will fall out.  Maybe you will fall in.

Maybe this.  Maybe that.

Maybe* is the space in your heart and mind that lets all possibilities across its borders, and belief always makes a home there.  Once settled, search for the arrows to guide you on the highway towards hope**.

The sun will rise and the sun will set.  Even in Maybe.


*Maybe, as defined in this post, is not an easily accessible destination for all.  If you get there, your job is to retrace your steps, discover how you got there and show others the way.  

Maybee, MI is a village in southwestern Exeter Township in Monroe County in the U.S. state of Michigan, established in 1873 and incorporated in 1899. The population was 562 at the 2010 census.

You may know it as old M-11, old US 31, the Red Arrow Highway or the Blue Star Highway – all names for a road that was originally called the West Michigan Pike, the first continuous concrete highway in West Michigan.

In Harbert, visitors will encounter art galleries, antique shops and a wonderful variety of dining opportunities. Harbert has changed since the days Carl Sandburg roamed its wooded lanes, but has lost none of its appeal. The influence of the Scandinavian families who helped create this thriving resort community is still felt today.





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  1. Wow, just wow ♥️. Maybe, just maybe we will find time this year for a cup of tea. Much love to you my friend.


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