Leather Sweater in the Dead of Summer

If you have never watched Schitt’s Creek, may I suggest that you open Netflix immediately and begin at season 1, episode 1.  Most won’t be wise enough to appreciate the humor, but those that stay will fall deeply in love.  I fell deeply in love and stole the title of this blog post directly from a character’s mouth.

My parent’s celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary this past July.  I had the opportunity to give a toast.  It went something like this…

This landmark celebration has been such a gift to myself and my two brothers.  It has gifted us the space to grow closer through memories & laughter. By looking at each moment more deeply, it has built a gratitude in all of us for just how grand the journey has been.  We have become more and more aware of a connectedness that has actually been there the whole time.

Piecing together the story of our parent’s commitment, we quickly began to realize that every moment is, in fact, a hint towards the next.  You see…

I now know why my oldest brother and his wife chose to sign their wedding license at their dining room table; growing up, my mom would decorate our dining room table to celebrate every holiday and birthday.  I ran home from school on those days, in full anticipation of how spectacular the set up would be.

And I now know why my other brother and his wife go to concerts for their date nights and make sure that their two kids have the ultimate taste in music.  Appreciation of music wasn’t a choice in our house; we were connected by our touches on the ivory keys of my grandmother’s piano.

And I now know why I recently traded in city life to live in a modest house on open land surrounded by trees; the huge oak tree in the front of my childhood home was where I discovered my heart and values.

From both of you, we learned that it is far more important to pay more attention to the clouds in the sky than to the time we set our alarm clock.

You reminded us that we need not count our failures, but rather feel every insight they have to offer.

You demanded we care more about the sensation of the ground under our feet than the number of miles we have walked.

You taught us that time doesn’t really exist; life is simply an exponential experience of moments.  

I never thought this toast to my parents would find a thread to a series produced by Not a Real Company Productions, but let’s embrace a character that chooses to wear a leather sweater in the dead of summer.  Most people would consider him crazy or careless.  I, on the contrary, think he has it all figured out.  I recognize my parent’s wisdom in him.

If you choose to take the plunge and take on the series, which I highly encourage you to do, you will note that it never seems to be fall or winter in Schitt’s Creek.  Perhaps that is because of filming efficiency or limitations to the setting.  Personally, I believe it is just another part of the show’s brilliance.

Regardless of the reason, the show has certainly let go of the restraints of time.  The writers don’t care if the weather elements make sense or not.  They want their characters and audience to develop within the ambiguous ebb & flow of life.  To do that, they have to resist the pressure of perfect timing.  I am so appreciative of their relentless resistance of time, because if David (played by Daniel Levy) was counting the seasons and waiting for the ideal weather to arrive, he would never have the chance to wear his rad get up.  And, I never would have gotten to jump into the depths of incredible laughter & joy that came from the brilliant take in the first minutes of that episode.

David holds moments in his hands. He can, because he already knows that his fashion is impeccable.



  1. This reminds me of all the winter mornings I found you in sandals! You truly walk the walk, my friend, pushing the boundaries of time to preserve the extra in the ordinary. And I have started watching the show upon your recommendation. Woke my husband this morning, and guiltily he confessed to watching “4 or 5 more” after I fell asleep! Hahaha!

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    1. YES! Sandals in winter – I hadn’t even made the connection. Thank you for building yet another introspective bridge for me. And this might be my favorite post I have ever written because it actually created action. SO many people are watching Schitt’s Creek now. Couldn’t make me happier!!

      Liked by 1 person

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